February 09, 2013

Recycling Blitz in Toronto!

Tom from Toronto South says "They don't make them like this anymore... We recycled 2 freezers, a wood stove, washer, dryer, and piano from this home. Needed 4 guys for the heavy lifting." And not too soon, just two days before a massive storm hit Toronto and much of southern Ontario! 

Most older appliances are great items for recycling, and doing so has a two-fold benefit: one, they're often large, clunky machines from the time when Laserdiscs risked being a popular alternative to VHS. Second, old appliances aren't energy-efficient and can be replaced by appliances of the last 15-20 years which better conserve energy. By upgrading and recycling you're ensuring that the old fridge, freezer, washer or dryer can be remade into a new, energy efficient appliance and isn't sucking away at excess resources when it doesn't need to. 

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