March 05, 2013

A Cashbox and the Titanic

Glenn from our Halifax removal crew was called in to haul away left over debris from a business that catered to the army and navy, and has been running for over three generations. To his amazement, he found (and learned) a few interesting things about the location.

One of the unique items he managed to recover was this McCaskey cash register that was left in a box and forgotten about for decades. Perry A. McCaskey established the McCaskey Register Company in 1903 and was credited for the “one writing” credit register and also for developing a cash register that was insulated and fire proof (known as the “Safe Register”).

What Glenn learned was that the building in which this register was recovered from had also served as a temporary morgue for the bodies of those recovered from the tragic sinking of the Titanic in 1912. In total, there were four Canadian ships sent to recover bodies; the Halifax-based Mackay-Bennett, the Minia, the CGS Montmagny and the SS Algerine. A majority of the bodies found lost at sea were unloaded at the Flagship Wharf in Halifax and then brought to temporary morgues.

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