March 01, 2013

Elephantine Dryer!

Have you ever seen a commercial dryer up close and in person? Well Mike from our Calgary crew was lucky enough to tip the scales when he hauled away this massive dryer that weighed 1540lbs. To provide you with a visual comparison, a baby elephant weighs approximately 200-250lbs when born – so take six baby elephants and you’ve got a balance--it may even be as loud as six baby elephants, who knows?

Getting this behemoth out was one thing, tying it up and hauling it away is certainly another. But the sizeable job doesn't faze our team, and out of the ordinary doesn't mean it's a more than we can handle.

As usual, a mammoth dryer is also something that is great for recycling (mammoth in size--I can't imagine how large a dryer would have to be for a mammoth to use it). We see it all the time. Whether time is a factor or manpower, too often items like this risk going straight to landfills instead of being reused, and the weight of it can certainly make a difference if you already don't have time to get rid of it.

Good thing Mike’s been working out lately…


  1. wow mike like superman !!!!

  2. That's nothing... we did a commercial WASHER out of a hotel in Calgary almost $3000 lbs. Bring it on we'll haul 10 of those a day!