March 12, 2013

Extreme(ly old) Dentist Chair

From nightmares everywhere, this dental chair certainly has a creepy look to it. Tom in JUST JUNK Etobicoke guesses it's from the 1950s and he may be right, but it feels right out of the 1976 film "Marathon Man" famous for a scene of dental torture.

The pasty mustard-yellow colour and the post that sits near it ominously look down upon you, your mouth open wide before the dentist takes a gander. But there's no need to worry as these chairs were simply designed to assist the dentist in his day-to-day work as opposed to any nefarious deeds of interrogation.

Though Dustin Hoffman may not have sat in this particular chair, and Sir Laurence Olivier didn't preside over any weary customers, this dental chair is remarkable still for the condition it remains in. As it passed hands over time the various owners took great care of it, like many odd collectibles, until it's current owner deemed it time for it to go.

Add it to the list of weird things that we've picked up over time. 

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