March 20, 2013

JUST JUNK® at the Curl For Memories

L to R: John Netherway, Andrea Bone, Shane Wright, Adam Wright
How often do you get to take part in a Bonspiel? Well, the JUSTJUNK® Niagara team took part in what was, for some, their first ever Bonspiel this past weekend. Though getting up early on a Saturday morning in spite of the alluring call of another ten minutes of sleep here, ten minutes there is one thing, to use that oft rusty knowledge of physics and non-hockey ice formations is another challenge altogether.

The 14th Annual Curl for Memories Bonspiel was held on Saturday, March 16th at the Welland Curling Club organized by the Alzheimer Society Foundation. The event raised funds for research and programs vitally needed for Alzheimer's support.

The JUSTJUNK® team called upon some participants new to the sport, who stepped up to the challenge of learning the game for the cause. Shane Wright tells us that "It was in fact my first time curling, and it was much harder than it looks. It was tons of fun though and I would love to do it again." Shane's participation and interest in the Bonspiel comes from his family. In the last decade two of his grandparents have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

John Netherway said "All around the Bonspiel was an old fashioned good time. Everyone was super friendly and helpful, and most of all mindful of the cause and how important it is to raise awareness and support for people dealing with dementia....The last time I curled I was in grade school, and with that being the case, I was surprised that no one on our team had yet fallen....I spoke too soon," he later reflected, "as a few of us ended up on our backs by the end of the day (I won't mention names...)."

On Saturday the points didn't matter, and we fought with broom and stone as best we could, holding strong to the cause all the time.

See the video below, courtesy of Cogeco television for interviews and more about the event.

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