April 16, 2013

Pallets, pallets everywhere! 15 Years worth in Kingston, Ontario!

When our Kingston team happened to stumble upon this heaping pile of broken pallets, they didn’t realize what a large task they had on their hands. Combined, this pile was accumulated with over 15 years worth of improper dumping.

Being the dedicated crew that they are, the Kingston team kept picking away at this pile over a one-month period and finally managed to haul it all away. In total, this required a total of four truckloads – that’s 1,600 cubic feet of junk or a little over 200 pallets!

It's certainly better to reuse the wood from pallets than letting them go to waste. After 15 years, most of these skids were beginning to rot and were not as strong as they used to be. Creatively inclined people can find some neat ways to reused them before they get to this stage. After a light cleaning, the wood can be used to make shelving, or even furniture! 

The design experts at DesignRulz show some great ways to reuse pallets if you've the time for it. 

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